Fans of the all new Buick Regal can be found in real life at Peterson Chevrolet Buick Cadillac - 9501 W Fairview Avenue in Boise, ID. But they are also popping up on the web. Buick alone has 118,000 Facebook friends and over 6600 Twitter followers.

GM is turning Facebook into a unique sales opportunity. Social media has become a large component of the marketing world today, specifically in the auto industry. Buick will launch Facebook Connectivity in a manner that consumers have never seen before. Buick has plans to set up vehicle shopping online, where users can sign in using their Facebook credentials and customize, save, and then share their vehicles.

When users share their vehicles on their Facebook profiles, their friends will be able to comment or "like" their Buick. A study that was carried out by Bereford Research found that 50% of the respondents consider social network information sharing when deciding what to buy. The coveted 18 - 24 age range is even higher, with 65% taking social media opinions and comments into consideration before purchasing a car.

"By offering a connection between our web sites and Facebook, we help our customers get the feedback they want and need to make vehicle purchase decisions," explained Tony DiSalle, US VP of Buick Marketing.1

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