Whoever claimed that going to college wasn't worth it? Now college can be worth it in a whole new way Cadillac Escalade.

At the State College of Florida many students are aggravated with the administration's recent decision to have officials drive Cadillac Escalades on college business trips.  Why? The college recently decided to raise tuition 8% and then decided to purchase the more than $71,000 vehicle instead of a more affordable option.

For the record, the specific vehicle is a 2011 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid four-wheel-drive SUV with V8 engine, known as "the world's only full-size luxury hybrid SUV." It comes with a price tag of $71,685… before taxes.

Trustee Dr. Craig Trigueiro, a Bradenton physician, said by law he could not comment on the specific transaction. He did say that in general he would "closely watch financial matters." "One of the charges the governor gave me was to not only give the students the best education they could possibly get, but do so at the best possible cost to the taxpayers," Triguiero added.1

Perhaps he didn't know the school enrollment had declined by 15 percent. Although, on a lighter note the college will trade in their 2008 Lexus hybrid, estimated at $27,000, to put the money towards the Escalade purchase.

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