'Tis the season of giving. And, this year, Chevrolet is spreading good tidings and hope. The belief is that even if the hope is not our own, in hearing other peoples' wishes, we foster more optimism ourselves and have the opportunity to help transform dreams into reality, serving to  further empower aspirations.

Now there are different ways to share hope. Chevrolet's approach is rather unique. Specifically, the American automaker is teaming with celebrity photographer, Linda Solomon to sponsor this year's Pictures of Hope Program. Pictures of Hope is an annual affair hosted by Solomon in which at-risk children and youth without homes are given a camera to record their lives. They are then invited to write short messages corresponding to the pictures and their dreams.

As sponsor of the program, Chevrolet has invited select dealerships across the country to carry 2011 Pictures of Hope cards in their stores. Customers will be given the cards and invited to make a donation to the cause. Of course, donations are non-obligatory. However, should a customer make a donation at a participating Chevrolet dealership, a matching donation will be made to one of many eligible charities, in the 10 U.S. cities where participating children reside.

If you're a skeptic and think the initiative is in vain, think again. The exercise has the power to bring kids self-worth, which in itself is invaluable and can last a lifetime. On a larger level, some messages of hope are returned by profound generosity. As Solomon explains, Pictures of Hope has altered the lives of kids around the U.S. There have been children from Memphis granted a scholarship by Rhodes College, children in San Diego granted a scholarship to Sand Diego State...children in Raleigh given the ticket to Elon College. For these children, Pictures of Hope may have been their only opportunity to have their voice heard. And what resounded back, but hope.

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