Do you have the guts to create a cake with a picture of yourself on it, and then go as far as eating it? Are you daring enough to get your friends together and create letters? Do you have the courage to donate blood in a vampire costume? Could you ever push yourself to do curls with a frozen turkey while shopping for groceries? If so, if you could really perform all of these strange actions, then you might be the perfect contender for Chevy's "Let's Do This." challenge.

What do you get out of this game, aside from experiencing a lot of embarrassment and odd interactions. Well, the grand prize is the all new 2012 Chevy Sonic, starting at $13,735.

To play "Let's Do This", Which was introduced in September of 2011, contestants will have to execute an extensive list of Chevrolet challenges and then share their experiences on Twitter or Facebook. The more points each participant earns, the better their chances of winning become.

"We believe Sonic will attract youthful customers who are eager to have new experiences, such as tasting foods from five different countries in five days or simply giving blood, but in a vampire costume," says Kevin Mayer, Director, Advertising and Sales promotion, Chevrolet. "This campaign will help our customers celebrate some of their experiences that make life interesting."1

Are you interested in participating? Visit the Chevy Sonic Facebook page ( for complete rules and regulations and to start accumulating points today. Peterson Chevrolet, located at 9501 W. Fairview Ave.  Boise, ID, wishes you the best of luck. And remember if you want to learn more about the grand prize for which your playing for, you can always come down and take the new Sonic for a spin.

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