Cadillac Promotes Latest Models

Cadillac has been teasing the introduction of new models since late last year. With smaller cars gaining more acceptance, thanks to better mileage and tech gadgets appealing to a younger crowd, this stereotypically large American car maker is looking to shrink future models, without killing off luxury.

Models like the Cadillac CTS have brought fresh attention to the company. Thanks to its many variants, including a CTS wagon and CTS-V coupe, Cadillac's stock has already shot up.

There are even more models coming later this year (for the 2012 season) at Peterson Chevrolet Buick Cadillac - 9501 W Fairview Avenue, Boise, Idaho, and we have the full line up ready for your review:

According to Bill Visnic, senior editor at Edmunds AutoObserver, "Cadillac needs to be in the [small car] segment, and it needs to be a player in the high-output, high-fuel-efficiency four-cylinder engines the ATS will use."1

Caddy is introducing two new models that will undoubtedly cause a ruckus in the automotive world domestically. A smaller Cadillac ATS sedan will be sportier than its CTS brother. ATS will be a tinier version than previous flagship DTS models, but won't skimp on the luxury you've grown to love in a Cadillac.

But this company won't forget about the many who want more room inside their Cadillac. The luxurious 2012 XTS is a larger model for those still looking to remain in the sedan arena. A front wheel drive model with plenty of standard gadgets inside, the car will be available in all-wheel-drive options, and include high performance V6 engines.

Seems like now is the time to get into an all new Cadillac.

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