Buick Teams up with Chefs for the Buick Discovery Tour

The all new Buick Regal has received some great reviews from some of the country's top chefs. But, what do chefs have to do with automobiles? Well, when you cook meals for professional athletes and celebrities all day, you learn the importance of luxury.

Most importantly, a great chef knows how to add spice to enhance a great recipe. Vehicles like Buick's 270-horsepower Regal GS, available at Peterson Chevrolet Buick Cadillac, located at 9501 W Fairview Avenue Boise, Idaho, certainly add a kick to an already successful presentation.

Buick has been doing very well recently. Sales have increased twenty-seven percent through June, and around 41% of total Buick buyers are new.

Chef Michael Psilakis of New York has been participating in the Buick Discovery Tour. He drives his Buick Regal to cooking presentations throughout the country.

"An inventive chef who has created destination restaurants in Manhattan, Psilakis is one of the experts Buick hired to help it reach a new audience. He barely mentions Buick, but he lends his personal authority to the brand simply by being there when the brand invites potential customers to an evening of food, wine and automobiles."1

"There's something going on with Buick that's unique," said Jim Hall, managing director of 2953 Analytics in Birmingham. "It's a brand with neither a negative nor positive image and a growing group of young customers."2

Buick is targeting a younger audience lately. Selling a Regal or Buick LaCrosse to a couple in their mid-twenties may ensure future sales for years to come.

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