Cadillac vehicles like this year's Cadillac SRX have boosted sales for the company since the model's release over seven years ago. When driving a large automobile, safety should always be top of mind, especially when it comes to driving through large storms such as Hurricane Irene, which recently struck the East Coast.

So when Peterson Chevrolet Buick Cadillac - of Boise, Idaho discovered that SRX will receive improvements to their weather driving warning system, they couldn't be happier.

The American automaker has been focusing on creating a new Rain Brake Assist System for the next-generation Cadillac. The United States Department of Transportation reports that 10% of the 620,000 car crashes each year occur during a rain storm. So, this upgrade should help drivers feel safer on the road during storms.

The vehicle brakes operate with the 'SRX RainSense automatic windshield wiper system,' and come on when the SRX travels 20 mph continuously for more than four miles in wet weather. The Auto Dry Brakes, also included in this package, occasionally apply themselves gently in order to keep pads dry.

"With drier rotors, when the driver does apply the brakes, the brake system operates more effectively, giving a more-assured stopping feel and better brake effectiveness in wet conditions," GM explains. "The important thing is to assure the brakes are as dry as possible before the driver applies the brake pedal," said Randy Leek, a General Motors brake development engineer. "We designed this feature to ensure that the brakes provide optimal braking performance while driving in inclement weather."1

2012's SRX starts at $36,060, and is fitted with a 308-horsepower 3.6L direct-injected V6 engine with ECO Mode for better fuel economy.

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